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2020 was an unforgettable year! Like the rest of the world, we found ourselves with more time together as a family than we normally would have. So, we decided to put that time to use in designing a clothing brand inspired by all the most special parts of our lives.

Hockey -  Anyone who plays knows its hockey culture to have your last name altered to make a nickname.  Who doesn't know a Smitty or Jonesy?  The players in our home were always IDER so it seemed the name that represented us the best and it feels O so Canadian!

Cottage Country - Spending time at the lake and surrounded by trees has always been our happy place.   The wind swept pine and the starry sky graphics were inspired directly from our time at the cottage.


Quality, classic and comfortable clothes - Who doesn't love a great t-shirt that fits just right and looks stylish? Or how about a hoodie that just keeps getting better and better each year? That is what we wanted to create at Ider Apparel.


We are a small, family run business hoping to share our ideas and inspiration with you through our products and we can't wait for you to make our clothes some of your favourites!

 Ider Apparel Co 

Ider Apparel Co.

Meet The Team


Chris & Jenn


Jake & Tatiana


Madi & Kevin

Together we make up the Team behind Ider Apparel Co. 

We love working together to come up with awesome designs

and creating our clothes and headwear. 

It is amazing working with family, we have a ton of fun together

and we think it shows in our apparel!

                                                                 ALL PART OF THE ADVENTURE

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